A School For Indigenous People In Malaysia

12 March, 2021

I come from Sarawak inland, have known a lot of Orang Asli / Bumiputera (English: indigenous people) and taught refugees before, I am very touched by her actions and work which are extremely vital and humanitarian.

Regardless of religions, I believe in kindness.

Valerie Azure is a Perak-based Russian hotel manager who now runs free educational programs (Pos Woh Education Center for Orang Asli) to Orang Asli of all ages comprising 87 children and 14 adults.

We often overlook or even complain about our education system, not knowing that there are people in Malaysia who still cannot acquire proper education.

Malaysia is a democratic country. We (Rakyat) elect the party with the most votes but often it only represents the voice of the majority.

Orang asli and refugees are considered minorities. Their voice is hardly heard and welfare is often disregarded because the government prioritises the majority first (so that they'll get the popular vote and elected again next time).

I've taught in a private school that gives affordable education to registered refugees. Although refugees are not Malaysian nationals, they come here to seek for a better life because their original countries cannot provide that.

As a privileged country (Malaysia) which does not suffer from wars, famines, and violent conflicts, it is humanitarian and crucial to support them and get their voice heard. We're all citizens of the mother Earth after all.

I believe in kindness. In the 21st century, it's not about how we can make our country better anymore, it's about how we can collectively make the world better.